Lodgings In The Countryside


Rural Lodging Is A Simple And Relaxing Option For Lodging On The Island’s Higher Elevations. It Is Most Common For Rural Lodgings To Be Houses Or Villas Situated In A Village Or Natural Setting.

Although We’re Not Staying In A Luxury Hotel, The Lodges Provide An Adequate Level Of Comfort In Harmony With The Surroundings.

The Lodgings Are Situated In The Natural Environment Because They Are Geared Toward Those Who Enjoy Taking Jungle Excursions. For A Night, A Weekend, A Week, Or More, You Can Rent A Cottage.

The Rural Lodging Is Able To Accommodate Large Groups Of People, Including Families. According To Its Capacity, It Can Hold Anywhere From Two To Fifteen People At A Time. The Rural Lodgings, Unlike The Stopover Lodges, Are Only Used By One Person At A Time.

Consider This: A Stopover Lodge Is Not A Rural Establishment. There Are Two Distinct Types Of Lodging Establishments: The Rural Lodge And The Stopover Lodge. They’re Generally Located Close To The Most Popular Hiking Trails.


Convenience: The Lodgings Have Been Updated To Include Modern Conveniences. It’s Like We’re At Home Here!

Accommodations Are Usually Located In The Middle Of Nature….

Immersion: You’re Right In The Middle Of The Action.

It Is Possible To Find Lodgings With A Capacity Of Up To Fifteen People.

It’s A Great Deal For Groups, And The Prices Are Even Better.

On The Other Side Of The Indian Ocean, The Luxury Villas And Some 4 And 5 Star Hotels Stand Proudly.

Each Establishment Provides A Combination Of Comfort And Refined Decoration In An Exceptional Setting.

Views And Sea Access Are Two Of The Most Important Considerations For Some Businesses, While Others Are More Concerned With Location. Reunion’s Green Lung Has Attracted A Number Of Wealthy Residents To The Mountains, Who Want To Be As Close To It As Possible.

Businesses That Put Their Customers’ Needs First

A Heated Swimming Pool, A Jacuzzi, A Gym, And Other Amenities Are Available In The Luxury Villas And Hotels. The Same Holds True For The Accompanying Services, Such As A Chauffeur-Driven Car, A Helicopter Ride, And A Personal Concierge. 24/7, 365 Days A Year….

The Reunion Businesses Were Also Set Up On The Island To Meet The Needs Of The Wealthy: Golf Courses, Sports Personal Trainers, Gourmet Restaurants, Private Cruises…

Luxurious Accommodations In Reunion Island Are Not Comparable To Those In Mauritius, But They Offer A Wide Range Of Personalised High-End Services. In Addition, Reunion Boasts A Stunning Natural Landscape.

Exclusion: The Island’s Best Is All Yours.

• Convenience: You Don’t Have To Worry About Missing Out On Anything…

• Service: You’re Pampered And There’s Nothing Else You Have To Do.

Extras Include A Wide Range Of Activities And Leisure Pursuits.

Catering In Luxury Hotels Is Of The Highest Quality.