The enchanting district of the KoYao islands, encompasses some 44 small islands and covers an area over more than 140 square kilometres. Nestled in this archipelago lie two main islands – KoYao Noi and KoYao Yai.

Although KoYao Noi is the smaller of the two islands, and only covers an area of just 45km², it is more developed than KoYao Yai, with a wide range of Hotels and Resorts including Koyao Resort and Paradise Resort. KoYao Yai is about double the size but is a bit more of a “local island”.

Most of the KoYao islands are covered by mountain ranges and various types of rainforests. Areas closer to the sea are cultivated with rice fields. The northern tips of KoYao Noi and KoYao Yai islands are part of Ao Phang Nga National Park. The islands and surrounds are abundant with wildlife, hidden beaches and traditional fishing villages, making the area one of natural beauty all year round. Forget winter, the two seasons of KoYao are the rainy or wet season and the hot season. It never gets cold.

Underwater is where the magic really happens in KoYao, Thailand. The area is home to some of the worlds most undisturbed and colourful sea life, making KoYao island diving and snorkelling some of the best in the world.